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Twain Sport

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Introducing Twain Sport, games that create an entirely new form of entertainment! Our exclusive partnership with the Hybrid Sport League (HSL) enables us to bring you a unique vertical of premium live sports content targeting the recreational sports bettor.

We offer betting on HSL’s action-packed, high-frequency sports event that deliver incredible thrills by running head-to-head tournaments.

Twain Sport starts by bringing you T-Basket tournament every hour. That will give you 6,500 matches per month, right from the day of launch, with a game every 3 minutes. And other live Twain Sport games, with more tournament matches, are on the way. T-Basket is just the beginning!

The Hybrid Sport League was created to organise various hybrid games, and is a member of Hybrid Sport Federation.

BetGames as a betting partner and exclusive supplier of Twain Sport Championships.

Twain Sport

The Twain Sport brand

The word "Twain" introduces a new category of live sport games, where two opposite sides compete. These hybrid sport skill games deliver an randomness element with head-to-head live action.

Games are fast and fun to watch. They are easy to understand, are in line with current sport games trends and interests, and appeal to both younger and older generations.

All rights for the brand belong to BetGames.

BetGames signed an exclusive partnership with the Hybrid Sport League to become its general sponsor. BetGames has exclusive betting, broadcasting and technology rights.

Fully-managed solution

Solution based on

  • Odds-compiling model
  • Dedicated trading team
  • Lower limits
  • Adjustable margin
  • Randomness element works in favour of the sportsbook

Differences with traditional sports

  • Super-quick time between placed bet & result
  • No home/away effect
  • No weather impact
  • No direct opponent impact (no defence)
  • Dynamic because of the used randomness element

Twain Sport in action

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Twain Sport rules


Nothing but net!

T-Basket is an innovative, live-action hybrid sport where professional athletes compete head-to-head in a 60-second game!

This high-frequency, sports event delivers maximum thrills: head-to-head tournaments, games every 3 minutes, and 6,300 matches each month. And the high-octane schedule of action starts from day one.

BetGames is embarking on an exclusive partnership with the Hybrid Sport League - enabling us to introduce a unique vertical of premium live sports content.

With T-Basket, we’re reinventing live entertainment!

WHY Twain Sport?


A fully-managed solution providing trading, content and data


A competitive game of skill, spiced-up by the used randomness element


Speed (in the game and between bet & result)


A full-tournament experience in just 1 hour


High-frequency, content-rich product


Adjustable margin


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