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BetGames is an innovative, industry-leading supplier of live-dealer betting products. We deliver a stunningly simple, elegant and fun portfolio that caters for all audiences.

Engagement tools

Engagement tools

Mini Game

Welcome to a new, custom-designed way of offering engaging, instant bets!

With mini game “War of Bets”, you have an ideal tool for cross-selling and presenting clear, easy-to-understand and visually attractive content. Players can now enjoy an instant bet - straight from the banner!

Choose either a graphical banner or an in-between-content banner.

Engagement tools

Gamification. The next level of betting

Gamification, the BetGames way, allows you to achieve next-level player retention in online and, to a lesser extent, retail.

Following trends seen elsewhere in today’s digital life, we reward a person’s continued engagement with our games and this is particularly powerful with the younger generation of legal-age players.

Gamification will

  • Drive sales
  • Encourage player retention
  • Increase engagement

BetGames Hero Campaign

  • Create characters
  • Level up
  • Earn badges
  • Earn rewards
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Engagement tools

Bonus / Cashback

Our engagement tools also offer direct rewards and are great for both player retention and new player acquisition. The Bonus feature delivers more opportunities to play and win, offering even more entertainment in a game. For games like Speedy 7 and 6+ Poker you get even more chances to play.

With Cashback, players can get back some of the money they bet. This encourages increased game activity, where players receive part of their losses over a predetermined time and can redeem a percentage of their bets.

Custom design

Solutions made for you

BetGames creates bespoke solutions for partners across the globe, and always catering for local needs. From concept to studio design and 24/7 access, we offer a fully diverse, original range of products. Whatever your brand and audience require, we will develop it for you.